38125 ROARING at the Polls!


Michai Mosby, Editor

Election Day is here not just for #JagNation but the entire nation! In the past 2 weeks, Rep. Jesse Chism, Pastor Bartholomew Orr, Pastor Terrell Monger, Stan Bell, Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray and many more have stopped by #JagNation to encourage our eligible students to go vote! Our admin and student leaders are leading the Southwind Votes Campaign just for this sole purpose. Many teachers and students may agree with Ms. J.D. Croom, who is the Film and Production teacher when she shared that she votes because it’s her “responsibility as a U.S. Citizen”. Croom says “it shows we care for our nation… with liberty and justice for all.” Happy Election Day #JagNation! Go Vote!

Southwind Teachers use their voice by using their vote on Election Day 2020!