“It’s A Circus” Candidates Leave Voters Drained


Charlotte Garrison Just left the polls showing off her “Finer Women Vote” badge

Taylor Hampton, Author

Four years ago, President Trump, then the republican nominee, outperformed his opponent, Hillary Clinton by 17 percent, based on the exit polls, and according to “The Street,” news column the boost granted  him  the election even though they were the two most unliked candidates in recent history.

Four years later, it is now Biden’s turn. With the upcoming election tomorrow, just a day away voters are unimpressed and complacent to visit the polls. “Neither candidate is worthy of my vote,” said Patricia Hardaway, Accountant at Cardinal Health. In the first debate Joe Biden and current president, Donald Trump referred to each other as “clowns” and “liars” the entire time. These key moments from the first presidential debate exposed the candidates’ lack of morals and values through their shocking mannerisms. “They both were lowdown towards each other,” stated, Lakesan Brown, essential worker. Though the first debate was intentionally arranged to expound on their political policies the two candidates did nothing but trigger concern for the fate of the United States.

Although there is a substantial amount of controversy regarding the two candidates, more than half of the Americans think they have no choice but to vote due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, especially those stressed about the falling economy. “Right now, it’s an unprecedented time with all we are dealing with, I think, we need to focus on the economy and helping it stay afloat so when I look at who to vote for, I look to see who would help my family and me,” explained Marcus Hardaway, who works in the railroad industry. 2020 has been one of the most hurtful and detrimental years for the black community. The past few months African Americans have witnessed more police brutality than ever, thus, driving more of them utilize their voices in the polls. “My sons are black, and I love them,” expressed Brown.

These reasons will be the push factors in either nominee’s odds in taking office for the next four years. On the flip side, the assumption that young adults do not vote has been turned upside down. According to recent polling voters under 30 could break their historic 2008 turnout, when it peaked at 48 percent during Barack Obama’s campaign. As of Friday, more than 1.2 million voters ages 18-21 had already cast votes in 39 states, according to Catalist, a company based in Washington D.C, that operates the voter database. the turnout of young voters has surged due to concerns over guns, going green, and race. Tons of celebrities have promoted voting this year, for example Kim Kardashian, Michael B Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, and the list goes on. Thanks to social media the adolescents have been more thrilled and adamant to take advantage of their new voting rights. “I was the only one in the room smiling a bit too hard, squirming in my boots, and bouncing with anticipation, but I would definitely do it all over again,” professed Ashley Catron, a former Southwind Jaguar.

Shattering the voting records, young adults have been bridging the gap. While Americans are doing the best they can, it all boils down to  Who is the better candidate, and when push comes to shove the polls do matter so let your voice be heard, tomorrow is the big day. Be counted, vote on November 3rd.