An Inspirational Start to the New Year!


Michai Mosby

Male students intrigued by the presentation of life lessons by Mabry.

The students at Southwind High  were greeted this morning by best selling author and motivational speaker,  Tommie Mabry. Mabry stopped by the halls of #JagNation to influence  the student body and equip them with key life skills that they would need to be successful.  Mabry was very impactful, not only in message but in his delivery. He emphatically encouraged the students ,  “I want to say to the student body, never quit and never give up” said Mabry, “Always give 100%.”  Principal, Christopher Hardiman, expressed his gratitude and purpose for inviting the national speaker.  “We needed to reset the mindsets of the students,  because at this point their lives are about making decisions,” said Hardiman. “He talks to students where they are.” Junior Jayla Bryant, feels the same about Mabry’s visit. “I came in thinking one thing and left inspired, he  was able to relate to me as if he was reading my own diary.”

Tommie Mabry expresses his inspiring story that impacts the lives of not only the student body but the lives of the members of our faculty and staff.
Michai Mosby
 Senior, Khyi-Lee Ladd,  was able to have a heart to heart with Mabry and relate personally to his  message. “I am grateful for him coming to speak with us,” Said Ladd.
Michai Mosby
Male students  intrigued by the life lessons presented by Mabry.